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from the first local station with news in high definition, this is 9 news now. big crowds expected along the atlantic coast and maryland eastern shore despite a brush by hurricane early. i am bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday. this is why beach goers were warned before going to the shore this weekend. waves created by hurricane earl were pounded. no one was allowed in the water. lifeguards made sure of that but people wanted to get close to look at what nature had produced. i think it is amazing. absolutely amazing. >> ever see anything like that? >> no. >> like to be out there, though. . >> what? what is wrong with you? >> you wouldn't want to be out there? >> tropical storm earl has moved out of the way but it left behind high surf at the atlantic beaches including ocean city. that is where our sere chan was on this day of this last push
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for summer fun. >> the remnantses are making big waves at ocean city. while it has proven challenging for many swimmers, other vacationers don't seem to mind. >> it is a beautiful day. >> absolutely gorgeous. >> we came right down here, no problem with earl or nothing. >> reporter: on a all right to high risk for rip currents, a new batch of lifeguard trainees are finding earl's extra challenge exhausting. there are a lot of rips out there. like, waves head high. >> how tiger is it. >> very -- how tiring it right now? >> very, very tiring. >> can you not breathe deep? does it hurt? >> this 5-year-old had to be rescued. >> we were boogie boarding. he got out too far away from me and he was having trouble getting back into the shore. they came out and got him fairly quickly. >> reporter: excited surfer billy from damascus maryland. >> you have to know what you're doing. >> you love it. >> yeah it is a lot of fun.
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>> reporter: a newlywed couple weathered their first storm as husband and wife by postponing their friday wedding to today. >> i was a little fluttered -- flustered but it all worked out. >> we were going to get it done one way or the other. >> reporter: 250,000 vacationers are expected here had been holiday weekend at ocean city, despite some cancelations the number is typical for this holiday. we will have more on the holiday weekend forecast a bit later. after brushing by the new england coast last night, right now earl is pounding canadian shores. the storm toppled trees and knocked down power in 200,000 homes in nova scotia. today coastal communities from north carolina to maine turned their attention to salvaging the rest of the holiday weekend for tourists and beach goerers. >> if you plan on using metro this holiday weekend keep in mind metro has shut down five stations along the red line.
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tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont will be closed until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. crews will take the timed to some major track maintenance and replace switches on the rail line. >> reporter: bruce, metro is pulling all the stops to make things easier for passengers to deal with this. when they get out they will see signs like this shuttle bus service. actually free. station closed. use free shuttle buses and then plenty of gentleman like the ones and ladies like the ones you see behind me with a vest letting people know where they need to go. everything is going smoothly all things considered. >> metro is offering 3 free shuttle lines to compensate for the closed station. >> it is affecting everyone. we have to -- it is delaying everybody. i'm on my way to work. now i will be -- i don't know how late because i have to take the shuttle bus. >> those shuttles are color- coded. to correspond with the closed
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station. >> we just moved to town 2 weeks ago? >> yeah. >> we're enjoying walking around. i don't think the metro will affect us. probably make us spend more time in town. >> reporter: a green shuttle will handle passengers from glenmont to georgia avenue and all the stations in between. the yellow shuttle serves silver spring while the red shuttle line goes from glenmont to forgot cotton. it hasn't affect -- fort cotton. >> does you take the metro? >> i can catch the buses. i just never catch the train. >> reporter: and metro says they are also beefing up the regular bus service, to take care of any of the overflow of passengers that cannot use the metro station. but one thing they are saying is if you are going to use the shuttles, give yourself between 15 to 30 extra minutes because that's how long your commute will take because of the metro station closures. and things come back to normal about 1:00 a.m., on tuesday.
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reporting live, armando truell back to you. a surprise move turning to politics. d.c. school chancellor ree is on the campaign trail today. she got high marks for school report but the other half hand out failing grades for her firing teachers. she appeared with mayor fenty. >> i told everybody here that i am a -- i am here as a private citizen. i haven't consulted with my attorney. >> what has your attorney told you? >> he told me it is fine to be here as a private citizen. >> mayor fenty is trailing d.c. council chairman vincent gray by 17 points in the recent washington post poll. gray is widing a wave of voters dissatisfaction with fenty's government style. the council chairman of ward 4 fenty's home surf showed up today. >> we will hit everywhere like i have done throughout the campaign. we will talk to everybody,
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anybody. work hard to try to win every ward in the city. >> tonight at 11:00 on 9 news now, can fenty still win the democratic primary, or is it over? we will have a full report. some 2300 d.c. residents have already taken advantage of early voting. it is a first in the city. four early voting locations open today in northwest, northeast, southeast washington. downtown location at the board of elections in essex has been operating since monday. the centers are open until 7:00 tonight. on labor day the are 8:30 in the morning until 7:00 in the evening. for early voting locations go to our website, and for the first time, maryland residents can take advantage of early voting. it began friday at locations across the state. voting centers are closed tomorrow but will reopen monday through thursday, september 9. with a complete breakdown of early voting in the state of maryland and answer all the most asked questions, go to our website, again,
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a lot of people are enjoy can the labor day holiday weekend. many virginia dmv employees got to work. they will be processing driver's license applications that piled up during the past week when the state's computer system failed. dmv says it has just over 400 employees on duty at all of its customer service locations across the state this weekend, and in this area, alexandria, leesburg, woodbridge will be open tomorrow from 1:00 until 5:00 p.m. and monday from 8:00 until noon. still ahead on 9 news now, no let up on the violence in afghanistan this weekend. we will have an update ton latest attack. and sky -- on the latest attack. and a sky diving plane with tourists on board goes down. we will have details next.
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>> in new zealand a sky diving plane crashed killing all nine people on board just 90 miles from christchurch. four were tourists from ireland, evening, germany and australia. the pilot and four crew members also died. cause of the crash is under investigation. in afghanistan, three people are dead and nearly a dozen others hurt when a suicide bomber rammed his car into a military convoy. it happened in kandahar city. officials there say the three dead were all civilians. one of them a child. in a separate attack in the northern province. a bomb planted on a motorcycle killed four afghan police officers and three civilians.
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craigslist has shut down its erot tick services -- erotic services section just a week after a group of states attorneys general said there were not enough protections in place by craigslist to block ads promoting prostitution. they replaced it with a black bar that simply reads censored. we want to remind you about a important campaign at wusa9, called the great hang up. an effort to get everybody to stop using cell phones while they are driving. if you have been affected by a distracted driver talking on the cell phone or texting, we would love to share your story. tell us your story by going to the great hang up page at or call 202-895- 5960. still to come on 9 news now this saturday, a well known dress warn by an -- worn by an alleging white house gate crasher is going up for auction, tom? >> are you ready for fall-like weather? what a preview today. nearly flawless. the only blemish, some winds.
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25-30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. yesterday's high was 91. today 85. tomorrow, i'm going with 81. fantastic. notice the record low of 49. it goes back to 1906 there. some areas will drop down to 49 this evening. and it will get even cooler. great weather. i will have much more when 9 news now returns. stay with us.
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be if we are going to get a hurricane they should all be at earl so we can look at nature and the waves and move on. >> very few problems. very nice. it landed in halifax nova scotia last night. the winds were relatively tropical storm strength. really no tropical problems to worry about. how that is?
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>> that is good. >> this is beautiful. the unofficial, unofficial, end of summer. i don't care if it is official or unofficial, this is nice stuff. i am tired of this weather we have had this summer. it is officially the warmest summer on record here in the washington area. and we're not through with the 90s. sometimes it takes mother nature awhile to turn the oven off. you will see it in the seven- day forecast. but 81 tomorrow. the next three days, quite nice. look at this, sunshine across the board. 84 as we get into labor day so that's quite nice. if you're going to be at the beach, or know someone there, the rip currents are strong. they will subside by monday. a week ago the average high was 88 degrees. now it is down to 85. this is nice. 83. look at oakland. 59. you get on the other end of the divide, and it will be jacket weather if you're camping out at deep creek lake. hopefully, they won't feed the bears. dover 79 degrees. look at what we have in text form. breezy conditions. that was probably the only
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blemish on the day. many reports of gusts, 25, 30, 35 miles an hour. they will subside with clear skies tonight but on the breezy side. we will drop to the low 70s. drop to the 60s and then by tomorrow morning, what a cool start. reagan national, 55, 56. 40s will be found in the suburbs. the national weather service even mentioned a little bit in a statement today that tomorrow night will be cooler. they are contemplating maybe putting out frost advisories for our mountain zones. how about that? that is when the winds really lighten up and skies with clear skies. the humidity is so dry. we drop down to 24% humidity at 2:00. for the day tomorrow, about 80- 81 degrees. the winds light be up. there is what is left of earl. it is gone. we had a little bit of a spin behind it that gave us a few fair weather clouds. but the only problem i see in the next week? dry conditions. yes, it is nice they had the low humidity. it will feel warmer tomorrow because the winds will lighten up even though it will be cooler air temperature-wise but the winds are nice.
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it will be so dry. by midweek we have another front on the way. in many areas in virginia, and maryland and virginia, are already looking at extreme drought conditions. this is in motion here. this is a future cast. there is no sign of rainfall. wednesday, another front moves through. but it comes through dry. so there will be a few more areas that will most likely be added to a severe drought index. and in that category, the last thing we want to see as we head into fall of course a fire threat. overnight lows, look at this, 55. 53 andrews. 52 in bowie. head out there are 40s on here. 49 in sterling. this is nice. cool crisp evening. open up the windows. now not much to and he of. since we're in the labor day time, i call this my degrees of labor. you may find your job out here. how how about model. colorado 74 degrees. carpenter wyoming 75. for you ceos i have power, monz. baker, oregon 73. fisherman's wharf, pilot hills close to 100.
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for you coaches, texas, 90. probably the toughest job on here, we salute you at 77 degrees, and for all those who tell their spouse, honey i have to go out of town, i have to work hard, labor, don't work too hard, guys. 96 degrees. here is the seven-day forecast. this looks nice. apology 1 for a high again tomorrow. low humidity. absolutely beautiful. 8 -- 84 on monday. low 90s wednesday, but then dry and cool again. so -- only a couple more days of the 90s this week and maybe that will be it for the rest of the summer. >> appreciate it. >> well, the dress made its way to the white house and is now on its way to the auction block. we're talking about the selahi
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dress that the couple wore when they crashed the white house dinner last year. it will be put on the auction block on october 2. what would pay for it? not for yourself, for friend. >> zero dollars. how about zero dollars? >> that was a cheap shot. >> that's a red dress. that's -- >> you can't make jokes like that to a guy that was in the navy. >> yeah straight and narrow for me. >> pink slips today. this u.s. jobless numbers came on this week and it didn't look good. add 22 more to the unemployment line. willie parker, coach wants to see you, bring your playbook. when your 5'6" you better be fast but was brandon banks fast enough? college football, mountaineers finding it tough to shake coastal carolina. tiger going low at the deustche
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okay, down to 53 be, who got cut? >> this is the day when everybody wants to know, happy labor day weekend. i am saying that implying you have a job and hence you have been laboring. not the case for 22 redskins who got called into the offices at the park this afternoon to be told their services would no longer be necessary. tough decision made today. several sources including the post, 106.7, our own text messages, we have been calling everywhere to find this out reporting running back fast willie parker, not fast enough. the 6-year vet let go after a preseason in which he couldn't bypass larry johnson for the backup spot. he rushed for 50 yards on 16 carries, no touchdowns, and pass blocking was a big concern for him. running back ryan teraine was cut. justin tryon was traded to the colts for an undisclosed future draft pick. logan paulson, quarterback richard martel and wide receiver terrance austin among others released. the redskins have yet to release their official list. we will have that later tonight
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at 11:00. devon thomas made the team, the third year wideout. he didn't assert himself as a go-to target for donovan mcnabb but good enough. brandon banks made it. the little fella showed good wheels on kick returns but also dropped a couple, too, but it was good enough. the university of maryland has confirmed to 9 sports that kevin anderson will officially be named athletic director on tuesday. he held the same position at westpoint from 2004 to this year. he will be the first african american ad at college park. now anderson has nearly two decades of leadership experience in athletic administration. serving as associate director at oregon state and cal. he replaces debbie yao who left for nc state in july. anderson will oversee 27 terrapin sports programs. how about college football today? mountaineers opening up against coastal carolina. gino smith getting a start to jd wood on 4th and 4. 7-0
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mountaineers. smith said it would be a little anxious today but, he had it rocking out. to jacque sanders, stein yards tore the score. west virginia wins it 31-0 after struggling for most of the day. urban meyer in florida and their first game, att, after tim tebow. what is the best friend of a new quarterback? big ol' tight end john brandtley fines omarus heinz for the score. a little joe montana action going here but that is a gift. chris rainey tipped it 25 yards. florida wins it 24-12 after struggling a little bit. what a story. tracy capra from maryland gets a call to play as a wild card at the u.s. open tennis tournament. she wins that. keeps on winning. and end up in the third round today. but a tough assignment against maria sharapova. first set let's pick it up. that is sharapova at the bottom of your screen. overhead smash. she was taking care of business. first set she wins it 6-0.
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capra upset the 9 fifth and 18th ranked players but the run ends today. she gets double bagels by sharapova, 6-0, circumstances- 0. tiger three shots below the cut line before going in today but he had it going on and had it hot. birdied 4 of the first 7. then check out 13. operator i like to dial long distance please. he shoots a 65. is 5 under. brett instead ker the leader at -- snedeker is at 12 under. stephen strasburg is out of the hospital after surgery on his elbow friday. nats gm said it was successful and strasburg came through it with flying colors. he will be out. 12 to 18 months. of course tonight at 11:00 we will have the full list of 22 down to 53 players. >> okay. all right. your family is visiting from st. louis? >> yeah. >> going to take them out to dinner and spend big movie. what kind of weather are they going to have? >> that makes this one good.
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on his wallet. clear skies, very nice. light wind. we're really looking at a nice evening. it will get a little chilly by morning. in fact, low 50s in some areas. upper 40s in the suburbs. >> okay. high of 81 tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. bye.
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